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All you Purple Dads really know how to rock! Your parenting tips are bringing up the next generation of rockers and ensuring that Deep Purple will go down in history as one of the most important bands of all time.
Congrats to Mikhael in Texas for his parenting tips. Sounds like his kids are rockers to the core! For having such awesome household rules, Mikhael will receive two new Deep Purple Steel Logo shirts.

Happy Fathers Day to all of you Deep Purple Dads. May your kids learn to rock as hard as you do!
From Mikhael in Corpus Christi, TX
Here are my rock ‘n’ roll parenting tips – they are the 10 rules of the household that I expect my children to follow:
10. Screaming in the house is not tolerated unless you’re singing classic rock.
9. Keep your room clean, or I’ll take away your distortion pedal.
8. Johnny, be good.
7. Wash your hands before eating or touching the Stratocaster.
6. At bedtime, say your prayers to the Lord and pray you’ll play like Jon Lord.
5. Practice your air guitar daily after school.
4. Eat all your food at every meal.  You’ll need your energy for the world tour.
3. No playing the B-3 unless it’s routed directly to a Marshall stack.
2. Learn to count to 11 or you’ll never play like Nigel Tufnel.
1. No shooting flare guns in the house.  You’ll burn the place to the ground.


Check out some of the great runners-up below:

From Andy in Cornwall, UK

Hi I am fortunate to run a youth music charity so get to develop the Deep Do’s and Don’ts to not only my three kids but 100 plus per night other kids.
1. Make sure you listen to at least one classic Rock Album each day before and after school, tidying ones room and homework are no excuses for avoiding this.
2. Make sure you spend at least an hour a day cultivating that Rock n Roll look in the mirror hair brush mic posing ant just for girls you know!!!!!
3. Make sure you put all your mums best cut crystal wine glasses away before listening to Child in time….
4. Ensure that you put all your dad’s favourite Deep Purple albums away tidily when you’ve finished listening to them….

1. Think that your dad doesn’t know how to rock and that you invented being a rock n roll rebel :o) Been there done that.
2. Under any circumstance ever play Deep Purple below volume level 8/9 .
3. Underestimate the older rock bands, newer bands owe everything to the likes of Purple, Zeppelin and Sabbath and they know it
4. Let your hair get too short, your Dad has to live out his rock n roll years now through your hair as he has grown bald!!!!

From Dave in Puyallup, WA

Since “Smoke on the Water” was the first song I learned on the guitar, I thought it would be great for me to teach it to my kids: the right way. When my kids pick up a new instrument, it’s the first song they learn. My 7 year old has it down pretty well on the keys, and my 11 year old daughter has played the drum parts as well as playing it on the violin! They even recognize when their friends and neighbors are playing it wrong and offer to help them. It is a musical staple in our family. It’s wonderful to be able to jam a legendary song like that with my kids. It makes me a very proud father!


From Phil

Three years ago I brought home a beautiful baby girl at home. My first and only child. When first at home, I didn’t know exactly what to do with that screaming little thing. So I simply sat on the couch holding my sweet girl in my arms and put on “In Rock”. I remember telling her:”This is your home, that’s what you are gonna have to deal with :-)”…”And here’s somebody who can scream louder than you (reefering to Gillan in “Child In Time”).

She layed still for pretty much the entire album. I don’t think she will remember that, but I certainly will.
I can safely say that In Rock is the first album she heard in her life.

From Radim

1  BE accurate, everywhere you go, you must be in time. Just like Ian is in every song perfect.

2 BE modest just like Steve. True casts will come in real situations.

3 Scream if situation needs it, just like Ian

4 Listen to your friends. BE a stand-by friend. Just like Roger with his bass parts keeps everyone abowe water.

5 BE in harmony with your family and friends. Everyone needs someone like Don who brings light to his life.

And at all:  Keep smiling just like Steve and life will be beter.

From Jeremy and Zach

First off, the purchase of “Guitar Hero” is a must, as teaching and familiarizing ones’ child with “Smoke On The Water” is mandatory. To be a good father, one must stress the importance of a good riff. Good riffs are necessary ingredients in life, as they motivate the soul and promote good timing and a good ear, as well as decision-making abilities (example; “Smoke OTW” = good….. anything by any band that’s come out in the past 10-15 years = BAD.)
Second, a good father must show examples of change, and how change can be both a good thing AND a bad thing. The change from Mk. 1 Purple to the Mark 2 Purple was a good change. Bringing in Joe Lynn Turner to sing for Purple….=BAD CHANGE.
Third, a good father should ALWAYS demonstrate how “More really IS better” when it comes to music. The motto of “I Want Everything Louder Than Everything Else!” should be taught thoroughly, and demonstrated by the simple exhibition of “Space Truckin'” at low volume…..does not promote any neck movement, no movement of the arms, etc……BORING. Then, crank the sucker to 11……wild, thrashing headbanging movement combined with ridiculously innacurate air guitarring!!! WAHOOOO!!! Better than Playstation 3!! This can also be demonstrated with several Purple songs and albums, as well as some of the offshoots…”Disturbing The Priest” from Ian Gillan era Black Sabbath being our personal favorite for vocal exercises. Of course, along with the lesson, common courtesy should be taught….only go to 11 when the Mommy is NOT in the house, and the windows are all closed. Not all folks are Purple fans, unfortunately. Therefore, the last lesson to be taught, the MOST IMPORTANT lesson of them all…..

“Those who are NOT fans of Purple……ALL SUCK.” Thus ends the lesson.

From Joe in Agawam, MA
Play Deep Purple til’ their ears bleed, then turn it up even louder.

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