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Between and during his travels all over the world, DEEP PURPLE bassist Roger Glover has, from time to time, felt the need to take up a brush, pencil, pen or camera, purely for his own enjoyment. Apart from the realist paintings, he has a keen interest in abstraction, looking for subjects that appear to be unconscious in their design. In his photography, he takes pleasure in finding accidental images with a particular fascination for the effects of time and decay on various surfaces. This is his Found Art. There are also some samples from a future project called March of the Corridors.

The first exhibition of Roger Glover’s art, “Paintings and Pictures 1964 – 2010”, will open in Köln (Cologne), Germany, on October 22 at 19.00.

The exhibition runs from October 25, 2010 to January 31, 2011


K-8 Gallery
Ursulastr. 2
50668, Köln (Cologne)
Telephone: +49 221 7024660

Opening times: Monday-Thursday 08-17, Friday 08-13, special events up to 22.00.

All works, except for the paintings (high quality prints) are presented in the original.

The limited edition, signed works can be purchased. The sale proceeds will go to charitable and social institutions which do not have a large lobby:

* Cancer Initiative-Cologne
* Gulliver Homeless Initiative
* Children’s Hospice Cologne