Fri, Dec 28, 07

Don Airey is one the great keyboardists of our generation. What kind of gear does he use? We’ve got the scoop right here:


Rack Unit
The rack unit consists of a Korg TR Unit, a Roland Fantom XR, and a E-mu Systems ESI 4000. This rack is used to create and enhance the keyboard sounds and add certain effects.


The mixer is a Yamaha O1V. This is used to control the keyboard levels and balance between them.
Hammond Organ/Moog Little Phatty/Nord G2
Hammond C3 from the mid-late 1960’s. This is the original keyboard used by Jon Lord. The Moog Little Phatty and the Nord G2 are 2 different keyboards used to create different sounds for particular songs.


Kurzweil PC2X/Moog Voyager/Moogerfooger analogue delay
The Kurzwell PC2X is the main midi controler. This is the master keyboard. The Moog Voyager is at the beginning of Rapture of the Deep, and also is featured in the keyboard solo. The Moogerfooger analogue delay is used as a delay effect on the Moog Voyager.
Leslie Speaker
The Leslie Speaker Type 147 is a rotary speaker for the Hammond Organ. The speed at which it spins is controlled by foot switch.


Hughes & Kettner
The Hughes & Kettner 100 Watt pure tone amplifier is used to enhance the sound of the organ, providing overdrive, especially during solos.


Pedal Board
The pedal board consists of a Moogerfooger ring modulator, a volume pedal and a Boss RV5 Digital reverb. This is used with the Hammond Organ.

Want more info about Don? Check out his bio page HERE.