Wed, Jun 03, 20

Skoots, as he was known to most, has passed away. Skoots was a long time Guitar Tech for Steve Morse, who writes:

“Just found out that our beloved Skoots Lyndon has died. He just did the last Dixie Dregs tour and worked many years with DP and as my guitar tech. Skoots older brother Twiggs died decades ago, late 80s while on tour with us. We all loved him and will miss him.”

He was also Roger Glover’s bass tech, who writes:

“Skoots, my good friend, is gone. Sad news indeed, I’m devastated. A kinder, more generous, good-hearted man you couldn’t wish to meet. He changed my life and my music. My thoughts are with those close to him and all his many friends.


Skoots was loved by the band and their fans and friends. Always smiling. Always supportive.

R.I.P, Skoots. You will be greatly missed.

Deep Purple and Crew