Fri, Oct 26, 07

Congratulations to Fabrice from France on winning the VIP Fan Experience Giveaway! If you still don’t have a VIP Package, click HERE to get one now.

We’d also like to extend a big thank you to everyone else who submitted entries. For those of you who entered but did not win, fear not.  Keep checking back for future contests and promotions.
Congratulations again to Fabrice! We sincerely wish you and your fiancee all the best. Enjoy the show and let us all know how it went!
Here is the winning story:

My personal story around Deep Purple took place in March 8th 1991 at the Belgian venue of the Slaves and Masters tour.  I was spending my holidays on the American West Coast and I didn’t know about the Belgian show. Good to know is that I had never seen any Purple show at that moment, I was 19 and Internet didn’t exist yet!!


When I came back from my vacations on March 6th of course no tickets were to be found !! I can remember now that I had pretty much the same situation with Aerosmith ’cause they were touring at the same period of time.


So, I decided to reach Forest National if by any chance I could find a ticket. Fortunately, a young woman tried to sell her extra seat almost in front of the doors. But I wasn’t the only one interested! Two other guys were trading when I joined the group. I had saved some cash to buy some merchandises if I missed the show. The bids weren’t very high (the regular price was around $20 at that time!) The clock was turning and the beginning of show was arriving dangerously, I really didn’t want to miss the beginning! So, I threw $100 (4000 BEF) in her hand and took the ticket by asking just “OK ??” And she said yes! I ran immediately to the entry and tried to find a good place to enjoy the show.
During the Vixen performance (the guests) someone asked me to come before me in the crowd ’cause I’m pretty tall and I can imagine it’s not always a pleasure to be just behind me !! And the one who asked me that was the lady who sold me the seat couple of minutes before ! I of course said yes. We spent the all Purple show screaming and dancing !! At the end she offered me a t-shirt from the tour ’cause I was broke after this extravagant ticket purchasing. We took a glass in a nearby bar still excited by the show.

Now, we have seen 15 other Purple shows together. The latest is the Lotto Arena performance in Antwerp and the forthcoming in Liege November 19th, 2007. But still more important…We are going to be married on December 25th of this year…!!!

I can’t help thinking that without this show in Brussels in 91, I would have never met my forthcoming wife…

Like lots of fans : I thank you Deep Purple for all the musical pleasures you bring to me but also thank you for bringing to me the love of my life !!!