Sat, Nov 10, 07

Today we are in Italy, ready to do our second show, out of three. We are in Mantova , Italy and the weather is beautiful.  It is our third show in a row, and it is a nice way to end a busy week.  We have a day of tomorrow in Varese, and then a show there on Monday.  We are then off to France for the remaining 2 weeks of the tour, with a quick stop in Belgium in the middle.
Continuing on with our crew profiles, I would like to introduce you to Alan.  Alan is a driver for the company, EST and his truck carries all of the backline equipment.  He has been driving for EST for three years and this is his third tour with Deep Purple.  His truck carries 20,000 lbs of equipement.  Alan pulls double duty, and during the show he also runs spotlight.  He is a very busy man.

Next, we have Louis Ball.  Louis is the lighting designer/video director.  He has been in the business for 32 years and he started working with Deep Purple in 1984 on the Perfect Strangers Reunion tour.  You can thank Louis for the great light show, as well as the live shots of the band that come up on the screens to the left and right of the stage.  Here he is posing with the set list at a show in Italy.
Check out the pictures from the shows, and if you were there, you might see yourself in one of them.
See you on the road!