Wed, Nov 14, 07

Today we are in Chateauroux, France at a venue called The Tarmac.

This building is brand new, and Deep Purple is the second band to perform here.  The first was Vanessa Paradis, who is married to Johnny Depp.  It is great to be in a new building with moderatly working internet, clean bathrooms and most importantly HEAT!  It is very cold outside, and we are 1000 ft above sea level which is making it even colder.  This morning there was even a bit of snow.  The outside of the building resembles an object that might have just landed here from outer space.

outside venue-400
Inside, the colors are very bright. Everything from the dressing room hallway to the seats are painted BRIGHT red and orange.  I feel like I need to wear sunglasses just to walk backstage.

The TDA crew who takes care of rigging, sound, lighting and video comes in before the Deep Purple crew.  They arrive at 9am, and hang the lights, set up the audio, set up the video screens, and make sure there is power.  At 11:30, the Deep Purple crew comes in and sets up the backline, focus the lights and soundcheck.  Once the afternoon comes, the catering room turns into an internet café, and everyone catches up on emails and business.

And as in Deep Purple fashion, the carpet on the stage during the show is, what else….PURPLE! A local stagehand handles the “hoovering”
Until next time…