Wed, Aug 20, 08

Soeren of Denmark wrote:

I attended the gig in Copenhagen with a VIP-ticket. I was very excited to see the back-stage area and meet DP. At 6 PM I met other VIP-fans and it was very fine to talk to other big fans of DP. We got a tour by Gordon from the DP-staff and he did a really good job showing us all the soundboard, the whole stage with stories about the keyboard, guitars and drums, good stories. Afterwards we ment back-stage and said hello to the members from DP. Very very nice people and down to earth; made the time to sign autographs and talk about whatever we asked about. I showed, in my opinion, the Lord of DP; Mr. Roger Glover an old photograph of my room 35 years ago in 1973 when I was 13, fully plastered with posters of DP! He thought it was a funny story from a true, devoted, old fan. Good talks with all the members; Steve, Ian, Don, Ian and Roger about lots of things. And then the show: full energy from the very beginning and with that energy very hot and humid in the hall! Enjoyed especially : well dressed guitar, sometimes I fell like screaming, Ian’s drums, Roger’s solo before Black Night. This was my 12th concert since 1975 with Coverdale, Hughes, Blackmore, Lord and Paice. And the energy and excitement is still there! Looking forward to more concerts and a new record.