Wed, Aug 20, 08

After a year of constant research and development in the ENGL sound lab, ENGL proudly presents the ultimate amp Steve Morse was seeking: The new E 656 Steve Morse Signature 100.

Whether performing hard rocking riffs in Deep Purple or more complex playing in his solo appearances, this amp was desgined to deliver the high end guitar sounds the world class guitar hero was asking for.

“It’s an ENGL: clear, fat, screaming sustain.  This one allows the most control over the midrange where the electric guitar really lives for me.”

The Steve Morse Signature features a 3-channel amp concept including a 100 Watt EL 34 power amp section.  Channel One can also deliver sparkling clean sounds to support Steve’s awesome finger picking technique, but be aware: Channel One can also deliver fat crunch sounds since it has more gain than you would expect from a standard clean Channel.  Steve’s advice is to roll off the guitar’s volume knob a little to let the sparkling clean sound shine.  Channel Two fetures pure rock sound, designed to respond fast to Steve’s awesome rhythm skills and virtuoso riffs.  Well dressed midrange and gain structures will let you cut through any mix.  Channel Three gives you the most intense sounds you might have heard so far.  To suit his needs for playing with any midrange he wants, Steve was asking for a really innovative concept: screaming sustain and versatile midrange EQs.

“It performs like any ENGL amp with that pure, clear, high end.  Additionally this Signature Edition gives you more midrange control than any other amp!”

The new ENGL MID CONTROL MATRIX was perfectly designed to give Steve (and of course every other guitarist) a maximum of midrange control options.  Four midrange controls that interact with each other plus a tone switch that can be used in conjunction with the controls give the player 8 different midrange sounds to choose from.  Perfect for Steve Morse, one of the world’s most respected guitar players, this sound will cut through in any given situation.

The overall Hi/Lo gain switch allows the 3 channels to be played in two different gain modes which will support 6 available gain structures at a glance.

Combined with the amp features that made ENGL an industry standard, like Midi Control, integrated Noise Gate, 2 FX Loops, Tube Protection and outstanding German craftsmanship, the Steve Morse Signature amp will be the perfect sound machine for dedicated guitarists and tone gurus – just like Steve Morse.

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