Fri, Nov 16, 07

After a very rainy, and cold day yesterday in Toulon, France, we made our 6 hr bus ride to Perpignan, France.  Perpignan is in the south of France, not very far from Spain.   When I woke up this morning and looked out the bus window, I saw palm trees!  I thought maybe it would be a warm day, but don’t be fooled, palm trees do not equal warm weather. Despite the sun, the temperature is still very cold.

Venue sign-350

Palm Tree
Continuing on with our crew introductions, I would like to introduce you to Gert Sanner.  Gert is our Front of House sound man.  His job is to make sure that the sound coming off the stage is music to your ears.  If you think its too loud, or not loud enough he is the man to speak to.  He is very good though, and I have not heard any complaints so far.  Gert has been in the music business for 20 years and has been with Deep Puprle since January 2006.  In his spare time he enjoys cooking, and playing on his Ipod right now is the new Eagles album.


Next, we have Rob.  Rob is the monitor engineer.  He is in charge of the sound that the band hears on stage.  This band does not wear in-ear monitors, so they rely on the sound coming from microphones and wedges on stage.  The levels need to be correct, so they can make sure they play in tune, on time and can hear themselves and the other band members.  Rob is very interested in Astrology and has a telescope in his house the size of me!


Tonight we have a 13 hour bus ride to a day off in Paris tomorrow.  I hope to be asleep for most of it!

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See you on the road!